Aditya Sane

Institut de Biologie du Développement de Marseille & Aix Marseille Université (UMR7288)

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01/04/2021 — 31/08/2021 MSc Project, Department of Physics (LION), Leiden University            
Worked under Dr. Thomas Schmidt in the Physics of Life Processes research lab Synthesis and characterization of polyacrylamide gel beads using Atomic Force Microscopy to use them as force sensors to study cell force in cancer tumors.
Leiden, Netherlands
01/08/2020 — 31/03/2021 MSc Project, Department of Physics (LION), Leiden University 
Worked under Dr. John van Noort in the Chromatin dynamics research labSimulation of nucleosome dynamics and Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS) to determine rate constants for switching of nucleosome states from correlation curves            
Leiden, Netherlands
01/11/2018 — 26/03/2019 BSc Thesis, Department of Physics, St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous)
Built a prototype for Peltier based Atmospheric Water Generator that extracts water from moisture laden surroundings.  
Mumbai, India
16/05/2018 — 20/06/2018 Research Intern, Indian Institute of Science Research and Education (IISER)
An autonomous institution under Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India Worked under Dr. Bidisha Sinha in the Cell Biophysics lab at the Department of Biological Sciences.Worked on fine control of cell-substrate adhesion using quartz micro-patterns
Kolkata, India


01/09/2019 — 31/08/2021 MSc in Physics (Sp. Biological and Soft matter Theory), Leiden University
– Recipient of the LION Scholarship (2019-2021) by Leiden University for deserving non-Dutch students
– Grade Point Average 7.65/10
Leiden, Netherlands
01/07/2016 — 31/03/2019 BSc in Physics, St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous)
– Overall result: Distinction. Cumulative Grade Point Average: 3.63/4.00  
Mumbai, India
01/04/2014 — 31/03/2016 Indian Secondary Certificate, St. Francis’ College
– Overall result: 95.60%. Subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science and English  
Lucknow, India